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Childrens pedal cars

  • Brum pedal car
  • Most of our kids cars run on a sealed bearing mechanism, which ensures a smooth ride and extended life to the axles and wheels. All models include solid rubber Duralast tyres, which means they run well on a grass surface as well as firm ground. We stock the brum pedal car, noddy pedal car, Postman Pat van & a range of kids sports pedal cars. Our kids pedal cars, battery operated cars are quality kids toys. Our childrens pedal cars and battery operated cars make ideal outdoor toys.

    Many modern day toys are mass produced, made of cheap plastic and do not offer the same level of quality as “the toys in the olden days”. We aim to give you products of the past when strong build and high quality was the norm. We offer a superb range of authentic and very high quality metal pedal cars - such as the brum car, and pedal vans - such as the postman pat van , each one based on original designs. These cars are guaranteed to become cherished childhood toys.