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Ferrari battery operated car

Ferrari battery operated car Only for the exclusive few, the Ferrari Enzo battery powered car is every bit as desirable as its adult version but even harder to get your hands on. To own the adult version you need 425000 and an invitation from Ferrari to buy one of the 25 cars in the UK. Its extraordinary looks are the first thing that hit you - this is a car that screams opulence and exclusivity. The features match the looks with leather look seat, rubber tyres and all the genuine Ferrari badges and styling. This is a car against which all other battery operated cars will be measured. Features Battery powered car Age: Suitable for age 6 and under Speed: 5mph (8km/h). Can be limited to 3mph 2 speed gearbox with adult controlled speed limiter Rubber Tyres Adjustable Steering Wheel Forward, reverse and neutral gears Electronic accelerator - the car will stop when your foot is off the accelerator Electronic brake - depressing the brake will stop the car even if the accelerator is pressed at the same time Tough Polyethylene bodywork - very strong and flexible Paint deep injected means scratches can be buffed away Top quality European construction and design Made in Italy under license from Ferrari and designed in conjunction with their engineers All the authentic real car badges and stickers Realistic alloy-like wheels Sports steering wheel Wing mirrors Comes almost fully assembled 1 year guarantee Rechargeable battery and charger included